The Worst Kinds of People on Airplanes

The Worst Kinds of People on Airplanes

Feb 07

You are finally out of school for the semester. You have a hotel room in Costa Rica waiting for you, as well as attractive people tanning poolside. The only thing in your way from paradise is that dreaded plane ride. Airplanes are definitely low on the list of people’s favorite places to be, and certain kinds of people make the experience even worse.

Babies are unbearable. At first, they seem harmless, possibly even adorable if you are not one of those people with a fear of babies. But soon enough, they will cry, and they will do it for a long time. Their poor parents will get glares from every direction, but if you must give an annoyed look to anyone, make sure it is that living, breathing alarm clock that cannot tell time yet.

At least babies have the excuse of not knowing any better. People who snore do not. Most people who snore are well aware of the fact that they do, so why do some of them think it is a good idea to fall asleep in a small, enclosed space? At the very least they could buy nasal strips in attempt to quiet their noisy sleeping habits.

Hopefully most people will never have to experience an irresponsible pilot, because as far as the worst people to be on an airplane with goes, this person takes the cake. According to the website of Ronald J. Resmini LTD., airplanes require constant attention and focus in order to function properly. A bad pilot is more than an annoyance; They are a safety hazard and a serious liability for the airline.

Thankfully, plane rides are usually followed up by a pleasant vacation, a productive business meeting, or the comfort of sleeping in your own bed. Remember that when you are on your next flight.