Surviving Motorcycle-Auto Accidents

Surviving Motorcycle-Auto Accidents

Jun 20

A recent accident in Iowa involving a motorcycle and passenger car resulted in, predictably, serious injuries to both the motorcycle operator and the passenger. No mention is made in the news article on the plight of the car occupants because presumably no injuries or fatalities occurred. This is typical of an encounter between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle, which is why there are vigorous campaigns to improve motorcycle safety through helmet use and operator training.

The fact is, motorcycles are dangerous. This is mainly because it’s a constant balancing act coupled with the capability of suicidal speed. These two factors alone are enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end; add in the utter lack of protection for the operator and you have all the ingredients of catastrophe. It is no wonder that the number or motorcycle crashes and fatalities are steadily rising as more and more people take to the road on two wheels.

But none of these factors will necessarily result in an accident if the operator takes reasonable precautions when taking to the road. Wearing safety gear provides some measure of protection and driving defensively will reduce the risk of accidents even more. However, if people in larger vehicles neglect to take due care when sharing the road with motorcycles, the risk of a crash increases significantly no matter how careful the motorcycle operator is. In auto accidents involving a motorcycle that is caused because the other vehicle driver failed to notice the motorcycle, for example, the driver can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that ensue, according to personal injury lawyers like Ali Mokaram.

In the case mentioned above, investigations are ongoing to determine causation. If the driver of the other vehicle is found negligent, the injured operator and passenger may benefit from the advice of an to get compensation for their injuries.

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