Ways To Possibly Avoid Workplace Injuries

Ways To Possibly Avoid Workplace Injuries

Apr 17

As the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimated that 12 workers are killed and over 9,000 workers are sustaining injuries in their workplace everyday, it is important for workers to practice extreme safety precaution in doing their income generating jobs regardless of work environment.

Workers and their families are often struck with great financial loss after being involved in a workplace accident. In the 2,953,500 non-fatal workplace injuries recorded by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2014, there were 916,400 injured workers required to stay at home for an average of nine days. Though employers are required to promote safety and protection to their workers, workers themselves should follow regulations for them to avoid accidents that can cause injuries to themselves or to fellow workers. Regardless of the work environment, workers everyday are at high risk of sustaining slip, fall, and trip injuries.

In the office, employees should make sure that there are no cables or office supplies on the floor that can trip employees. Employees who are required to seat for a long period of time may possibly avoid back or spine injuries if they use ergonomically designed office chairs and if they are given short breaks from time to time during shifts. On the other hand people whose work demand strenuous physical activity  like in construction sites or industrial facilities are advised to be more careful in doing their jobs. Machinery malfunctions for example can be prevented through regular maintenance and qualified operators handling such machinery. However, if a worker suffered amputation or broken bone injuries from an accident caused by a machinery malfunction, he or she may file for a claim to possibly recover income loss. Other work safety practices like maintaining the work area clean, wearing protection gears and following safety precautions in the workplace are some of the ways workers may do to prevent income loss that can be caused by workplace accidents.

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